Managing Symptoms of Depression

Managing Symptoms of Depression

Are you finding that you are struggling to cope with any of the following symptoms: 

Are you finding that you are struggling to cope with any of the following symptoms:

  • Often feeling sad, down hearted or blue
  • Experiencing abrupt mood changes quite often including ups and downs
  • Not enjoying normal activities that would usually bring pleasure
  • Changes in appetite- eating more or less
  • Finding it hard to sleep or waking earlier than your regular wake time
  • Loss of motivation
  • Falling behind at work or at school/uni
  • Feeling excessively tired all the time
  • Physical fatigue including muscle aches and pains, headaches
  • Withdrawal from social activities and those close to you e.g family and friends


These common few symptoms of depression can often be triggered when we are faced with emotional distress in our life that may involve a person such as friends, family, work colleagues or related to our job or school. These symptoms can often create feelings of being ‘stuck’, down or a sense of hopelessness that can lead to someone feeling emotionally exhausted.

At My Brain Map™ we can help provide the opportunity to:

Learn the strategies to

manage emotional distress and help you to get unstuck

Explore the underlying causes

of feeling down, fatigue, or ‘stuck’

Examine the thoughts and feelings and behaviours

that contribute to emotional distress

Gain insight and self-understanding

around triggers of emotional distress

Tailor made coping strategies and techniques

for long term use

Please see our therapy support page to learn more about our process and therapy outcomes.

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