Managing my ADHD

Managing my ADHD

We help young and adult clients who are going through difficult problems at either school, university or work which affect their academic/work performance.

Here are some of the common ADHD symptoms we help our clients with ADHD:

  • Making careless mistakes, being easily distracted or “zoning out”
  • Forgetfulness in daily activities, often losing things necessary for tasks
  • Difficulty to keep focussed and sit through meetings
  • Relationship conflict because of difficulty with interruption or intrusion on others, easily bored or losing interest making it hard to keep long term relationships
  • Impulsive with money, difficulty with financial decisions,  waiting in lines, or an ability to relax
  • Getting behind with school work, struggling to keep up, exam stress
  • Handing in assignments late, missing deadlines
  • Worry about HSC, career choice, job satisfaction or performance
  • Dealing with chronic overwhelm
  • Easily starting new projects but difficulty seeing it through to completion
  • Difficulty organising tasks or activities, or getting going on tasks
  • Procrastination: often avoiding tasks requiring sustained mental effort
  • Understanding or following through on instructions

Common emotional difficulties that can be associated with ADHD

  • Worry, performance anxiety/error anxiety
  • Depression symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness, guilt or shame
  • Anxiety and agitation, irritability
  • Highly sensitive/ feelings get hurt easily, or easily embarrassed
  • Perfectionistic traits
  • Passive/shyness may lead to being bullied
  • Compulsive eating- over or under
Heart and brain connected by a knot on a white background

At My Brain Map™ we can help provide the opportunity to:

Improved behavioural

or emotional control

Effective initiation of task activity -

that is getting better and getting started

Effective planning and well-organized

problem solving skills

Ability to effectively set goals

plan strategies, do the tasks and evaluate outcomes

Improved confidence

and self-esteem

Better manage

time and use of resources

Effective personalised study skills

that suit your learning style

Manage exam/work

stress better

For more on our therapy process please see our therapy support page.

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