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About My Brain Map ™

About My Brain Map™

My Brain Map™ is a private psychology practice providing comprehensive neuropsychological assessments, counselling and leading edge treatment for optimal brain health in Double Bay.


At My Brain Map™ we utilize a multifactor approach to understand the underlying biological, psychological and social factors of your symptoms. We conduct a diagnostic interview in your initial consultation to capture detailed developmental history where the focus is on your concerns/issues and what you may wish to address or change. We can then formulate a tailored strategy to provide you with the tools to create positive outcomes.


Message from the Director

As Director and founder of My Brain Map™, my primary objective was to set up a psychology practice, which combines, traditional psychological and neuroscience treatment strategies to assist our clients achieve mental wealth.


My team of psychologists are trained at the masters level in either clinical neuropsychology or clinical neuroscience. We share a common value and interest in our commitment to the ongoing pursuit of emerging research and evidence-based solutions to help our clients manage symptoms or concerns so that they can learn how to achieve mental wealth.


We value our commitment to helping children; adolescents and adults learn the strategies to improve academic/occupational performance, relationships, and emotional wellness and look forward to welcoming you at our warm and professional clinic.


Warm regards

Jacqueline Saad, Director


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